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Dragon Gyas

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Dragon Gyas


From world-renowned game designer KAWASAKI Susumu comes Dragon Gyas, an incredibly unique figure-based board game.

The game features a one-of-a-kind system with pieces following two rulesets on a single board:

· Giant Robot (Giant Dragon): Strategically sequence your actions according to your opponent's moves.
· Knights (Dragonewts): Carefully watch your opponent and find the ideal move for the situation, similar to chess.

The game is typically played 1 vs. 1.
The player on the Knights side plays with 1 Giant Robot and 7 Knights, while the player on the Dragons side plays with 1 Giant Dragon and 7 Dragonewts.
The first player to defeat the opponent's Giant Robot or Giant Dragon is the winner.

The Giant Robot and Giant Dragon's moves are executed in sequence using cards.
Cards contain 1 of 3 actions: Move, Attack or Special. Players select a certain amount of cards before the start of the game.
These choices determine your strategy for the rest of the game.
Knights and Dragonewts have a predetermined Movement attribute and Vitality attribute as well as two unique abilities.

There are also plans for expansion sets in the future, allowing you to enjoy multiple variations of the game.
>A single player/cooperative scenario mode and 2 vs. 2 mode are also planned to be implemented.


Game Design


Since 2003, Japanese game designer KAWASAKI Susumu has released several board games, with a focus on indie releases. His games "R-ECO", "Traders of Osaka", "CRIME HOTEL" and "SPY TRICKS" have been released globally to high praise.


Jiro Ishii

Video game designer and author Jiro Ishii started in the game industry after transferring from the advertising industry.
At Chunsoft and Level-5, Ishii wrote scenarios, supervised, directed and produced for various adventure games. Ishii went independent in 2014. Famous works include "428: Shibuya Scramble", "Bungo and Alchemist", "Project Sakura Wars" and "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors".


Akinori Takaki

Akinori Takaki began sculpting at 19 years old. He took part in many sculpting events with his friends, when his models caught the eyes of those in the industry. This is Takaki's first commercial work, with plans to continue in the industry in the future.

Mechanical Design


Freelancer. Born in 1995. From aircraft to everyday items, he turns his unique ideas into illustrations based on industrial design. His unique perspective and sense of color has garnered him much popularity. Designer of the Knight side's equipment and Giant Robot.

Main Visual/Character Design

kinu Nishimura

Started at Capcom in 1991. Illustrator for various series such as Street Fighter. Nishimura became freelance in 2008. He's worked on anime series such as "Overman King Gainer", "Reconguista in G", and "Sirius the Jaeger" as well as the theatrical play "Ryu yo, Okami to Odore" and the "Zero Escape" series of games.