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Dragon Gyas

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Dragon Gyas



The Leader of the Dragonewts. These issue commands to other Dragonewts via a high-frequency sound, but even alone they are extraordinarily powerful. Few humans can hope to defeat one alone.


An agile Dragonewt who regularly attacks the Cavalry at the front line. They rip their victim with claws and fangs, and are even able to shoot out their fangs as projectile weapons.


A towering Dragonewt with monstrous strength whose purpose is to protect the Grandragon. They rarely leave its side, and are often pitted against the Cataphracts. They have high resistance to damage and pain, and scarcely flinch even if they lose a limb.


A trap-laying Dragonewt. Their excrement reacts like gunpowder, which works as land mines. They exceed at hiding in the environments and mimicry. Thus, they act as scouts.


A Dragonewt with healing powers. They are weak in battle, but highly intelligent. Their weakness is their slow speed when they heal.


The immense dragon force that attacks once every decade. Each Grandragon is accompanied by seven Dragonewts. Regular Grandragons are tens of meters high, but mother dragons can rise above 100 meters. Defeating a mother dragon requires bombarding them with magic from several Hexgyas.