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How to assemble: Cavalry

Assemble the valiant Cavalry riding the majestic horseclaw! The rider and its ride offer a challenging experience.

How to assemble: Cataphract

Assemble the mighty Cataphract with their favorite weapon, pile bunker loaded with enchanted bullets.

How to assemble: Engineer

Assemble the crafty Engineer who specialize in repairing hexgyas and work as a trap master.

How to assemble:/Medic

Assemble the Medic in charge of tending to the wounds during the battle. With a wounded knight, it gives the fell of the battle field.

How to assemble:/Commander

The most Dynamic out of the Knights, the Commander gives a unique experience assembling it!

How to assemble:Hexgyas

The Giant mech created by the old mystic arts, the only weapon capable of defeating the Grandragon, the Hexgyas offers a one experience, with ruins, katana and Torii to assemble!

How to assemble:Wulfdrake

Dragonewt which runs rampant and attack at high velocity. Checkout the its extraordinal parts!

How to assemble:Aapdrake

The Hammer fisted Aapdrake's strike is powerful enough to puncture Hexgyas's armour. Assemble its muscular stature!

How to assemble:Wyrmdrake

This sly Dragonewt uses its dung which reacts like gun powder for mines, watch as its body stack up while assembling!

How to assemble:Regenedrake

The Regenedrake heals the other Dragonewt, the assembling it's exoskeleton and inside is a one of kind experience.

How to assemble:Helmdrake

Its beautiful wing is composed of singular parts, enjoy the wonder of jointing these delicate art.

How to assemble:Grandragon

The titanic Grandragon, with the enormous wing and the front leg stomping on the ruins...... Assemble this horrific devastation from the sky.